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I'm so glad you're here!

I’m Amy (she/her). I’m a poet, school psychologist, weirdo, and educator from Pittsburgh. Building and nurturing creative community is one of my deepest passions and I want to do it forever and ever.

I offer creative consultation, beginner's poetry classes, poetry workshops, and poetry retreats! 

My approach to poetry is one that’s steeped in curiosity and appreciation. I don’t have fancy writing degrees but I have a juicy all-encompassing love for learning that I enjoy sharing with others.

I strive to present and foster a non-hierarchical spirit in my workshop settings. I am not an expert in craft, rather a human full of wonder and awe, engaging in that wonder in awe with all of you. My goal is to hold space for all of us to learn together.

My academic background is in educational psychology and neuropsychology. I have extensive knowledge and training in social emotional learning, academic intervention, classroom differentiation, neurodivergence + learning disabilities, and trauma informed care.

Things I love: gardening, french fries, musical theater, tea, eccentric bathroom decor, dogs, hiking, thrifting.

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