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Kiss Your Own Forehead Digital Download

Kiss Your Own Forehead Digital Download


Invoke yourself, become your own muse, do it. 


Reminder: This is a digital file that you can download and print at your convenience. Your purchased file will not include the "sample" watermark. 


Text Reads: 

hold a séance so you can make out

with all of your past selves.

gather your psychic baggage into bouquets,

melt this month’s desire into tapered candlesticks;

burn through the night.

call the radio station and dedicate

a song to the way your hips move

naked in front of your full length mirror.

tie your own wrists to the headboard.

write love letters to your arched back above a mattress,

string them over the dinner table;

eat your heart out,

don’t wipe your mouth.

let that love linger like a stain

become the muse you need —

go ahead and invoke yourself.


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