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Thirty-Something and Childless Digital Download

Thirty-Something and Childless Digital Download


For all of you living that pop-song-singin' childfree life! You're the bravest you've ever been. 


Reminder: This is a digital file that you can download and print at your convenience. Your purchased file will not include the "sample" watermark. 


Text reads: She’s thirty-something and childless


Or maybe she’s thirty-something and ceaseless, starting a hobby or starting a business, starting a ruckus. Sometimes she’s thirty-something and shameless singing Taylor Swift songs, sipping champagne from the bottle, sending texts to her best friends I adore you I adore you I adore you. She can be thirty-something and breathless because her whole life is like a miracle— late morning sun streaming over a bowl of lemons, the finches nesting in the ferns. From her bed, the gasp of a lover— sharp like someone seeing the world for the first time. She’s thirty-something and the bravest she’s ever been. Thirty-something and boundless, guiltless. She carries herself up the stairs, smiles at how astoundingly human she’s become.